Enjoy your favorite football game with your friends from their own place

Just invite them!

Co Watching TV Step 1

What is it​

Co-Watch service adds to any TV service an innovative feature that allows its Customers to enjoy together the TV content they watch with their friends and family that are in other location.


It is a feature that differentiates the TV service especially in the COVID-era with the limitations and restrictions it brings.

Keep the fun alive!

The service can offer the option to enjoy a football game together with friends that are in their own home and keep the fun alive!

Easy Setup

The service platform can be easily setup on top of any existing TV service platform.

Enjoy Together!

Co Watching TV

Step 1

Kevin is watching his favorite team’s game on cowatchingTV

Co Watching TV Step 1
Co Watching TV Step 2

Step 2

He wants to co-watch it with his three best friends, so he clicks the co-watch button on the player and invites Danny, Andy and Rachel.

Co Watching TV

Step 3

They receive the co-watch invitation within the player as they are watching the game too or via email and sms if they are not watching cowatchingTV at the moment.
Co Watching TV Step 3
Co Watching TV

Step 4

The four friends are now enjoying the football game together, each one from their own home.

Co Watching TV

Step Five

They can switch video and audio on and off as they like and they can also use the chat to have fun about the game
Co Watching TV


Co Watching TV The VR Experience

Experience Together!

Step 1

These friends have found a better way to watch their favorite football game together, in any location they want, have fun, each one from his home!

Co Watching VR step1

Step 2

The only thing they have to do,
is wear their equipment and
choose their favorite meeting place!

…perhaps a chalet in Alps..
Co Watching VR experience

…or in Manchester United ‘s VIP suite!

Co Watching TV

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